Management Structure of the Organization :

BHRDC has a general council who elect the members of Executive Committee of 7 members for a period of 2 years as per the constitution of the organization. This executive Committee members are solely responsible to plan, implement and look into the activities of BHRDC for the development of the marginalized people. The Chairman is overall responsible to implement the activities as per plan and answerable to the Executive Council. The General Secretary is responsible to submit reports to the Chairman weekly & monthly basis. This way a good chain system will be set up.

Regular follow-up & monitoring will be ensured by the evaluation and monitoring cell of BHRDC by developing monitoring tools. Mid-term internal evaluation will be organized to monitor the project. External evaluation will be organized after one year completion of the project.

Monthly coordination meeting headed by Chairman will be organized regularly for running the programme smoothly.

The General Secretary of BHRDC is responsible for concerning financial management. He is overall responsible for submitting the progress report as well as financial report to the relevant donor & concerned authorities.